Love-YourselfOver the course of my dating life, most of my relationships have been in the gray area between friendship and “Facebook Official” status.

Because I have always been an independent person, I never felt like I truly needed someone in my life. I never really pushed for full commitment from guys, unless they stated that’s what they wanted. As long as I felt like I was important to them, I wasn’t so worried about what they were doing when I wasn’t around.  Continue Reading


I’ve been interested in sex and sexual images for as long as I can remember. At a young age, I would study pages of nude women and men in National Geographic magazines in the library. I would draw pictures of naked bodies together. I would look at my own naked body, and imagine myself in sexual situations without even knowing what sex was. So naturally, when it became available to me, I began to watch porn.   Continue Reading

la fwefIn order to kick off “Gratitude is Sexy” month the right way, I asked all of the members of my Sex With Emily team what they were most thankful for in their sex and dating lives. These ladies come from totally different walks of life, from their relationship status to their sexual experiences to the many ways they like to get busy, making them a great example of the many things we’ve all got to feel grateful for!

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Gratitude IS Sexy

033_6049bxsSociety has a lot of ways to quantify “sexy” — Is it the way a person looks? The way they dress? How great they seem to be in the sack?

Well I’ve got a new way to classify sexy, a tactic for separating the undeniably hot from the marginally appealing, and it all comes down to gratitude. Gratitude IS sexy. Being appreciative of what you’ve got IS sexy. Showing thanks to those people, places and things that make you happy and healthy and bring you joy IS sexy. That’s why I’ve decided to make the focus of November all about gratitude, especially in terms of your sex life!   Continue Reading

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