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Today’s show is all about YOU. From sex slumps to dating drawbacks and blow job tips for beginners, Emily and Menace are doling out answers to all your sex and relationship uncertainties. Continue Reading


Dear Emily,

I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years, and love him to bits. He’s great! The only thing that kinda gets me down is that he doesn’t last as long as he used to. He says that he’s just too turned on, which I guess I understand, but he doesn’t try to help me finish. What can I do to help him last longer? And how can I get him to understand that he should be helping ME orgasm too, not rolling over and passing out?

Thank you for your insight!
Miranda from Canada

Okay Miranda, this is a sensitive situation, and not entirely uncommon. Men’s stamina has a tendency to fluctuate over time, so I’m not concerned here—there are plenty of ways you can work together to help him last longer. What I’m more concerned about is the fact that he doesn’t seem to care about pleasing you first. Continue Reading

Sexual Health Expo




September 24 & 25, 2016 | Greenpoint Terminal | Brooklyn

Experience a refreshingly open environment where learning the latest facts about sex and intimacy is celebrated with style and flair!

Featuring today’s leaders in sex, intimacy and romance, SHE delivers a crash course in understanding modern sexual relationships with must-attend workshops and captivating intimacy product showcases — all with the chic backdrop of its stylish venues.

Admission is FREE for the first 2000 attendees courtesy of


Click Here to Register


Click Here for speakers and workshops

Please take a moment to visit these amazing SHE exhibitors


For those of us who embrace passion for love and life, We-Vibe offers ultra-premium sensual lifestyle products designed for pleasure.  We-Vibe products are created to make time spent together, passionate and playful, and time spent alone, refreshingly satisfying.

Visit We-Vibe at SHE to see our latest line of products including We-Connect™ — the app that brings couples together — only with We-Vibe pleasure products. Touch, tease and turn her on from anywhere in the world.

Click Here for more information on We-Vibe.  For a sneak peak at what you’ll see at SHE, Click Here.


Since 1971, The Pleasure Chest has firmly believed that everyone has a fundamental right to pursue sexual fulfillment. We support our community’s sexual growth and exploration by providing a fun, educational and specialized experience.

The Pleasure Chest has created the personal bond with the people that visit us when they have stumbled across hurdles in their sex life or relationship, and we’ve been able to help them figure out where to start their exploration onto a healthier path. That creates a powerful experience and trust when individuals can be successful in finding out what works in their lives. All of the staff employed at The Pleasure Chest is trained to be sensitive to the needs of our guests, regardless of sexual orientation or gender.



Since 2003, the Aneros Company has been dedicated to bringing our customers unique, effective sexual aids that promote health as well as pleasure, led by our patented line of hands-free Aneros Prostate Stimulators. As the company that created the market for Male G-Spot Stimulators, through years and research and development we have acquired a deep understanding of the male anatomy. The result? We design and produce the safest and most pleasurable prostate stimulators available today.

Every curve, every angle of each model contributes to a precise anatomical design which makes compelling and transcendent experiences like the Super-O possible. The hands-free design means that you can achieve these unique pleasures with products that work in harmony with your body’s own movements.




Claire Cavanah and Rachel Venning opened the first Babeland store in 1993 in response to the lack of women-friendly sex shops in Seattle. The store offers top quality products, a pleasant place to shop, and most of all information and encouragement to people who want to explore their sexuality. The store’s popularity led to three more stores in New York, plus a thriving and educational website.


Baci Lingerie, which derives its name from the Italian word “kisses,” is a celebration of women. The fine fabrics and flattering styles compliment every woman, enhancing her innate and unique sex appeal. The brand continues to evolve with new collections and designs, which encourages women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their sexy side.

SHE attendees will see the styles that have made Baci a success, including our White Label and After Dark collections, bodystockings, and hosiery. Both one-size and queen size styles will be available.





The Lovers’ Dream is a genuine couples product enhancing intimacy and providing a deeper connection.

The revolutionary product has been specifically designed to fit snug, deep within her. The unique shape still allows him to fit alongside comfortably. Once in position, the Lovers’ Dream will remain in place, creating a more natural ‘hands-free’ and thrilling adventure for both partners.

The Lovers’ Dream provides variable vibrations in 3 erotic zones – the clitoris, the g-spot and extra stimulation deep inside.


A personal massager for every part of your body. Easy to care for, simple to master and always ready for another go as soon as you reach for the only sex toy you’ll ever want. The full Bodywand assortment of sex toys are exclusively available for you at and retailers nationwide.

Show attendees can expect to see the best sellers from The Bodywand, along with products from the NEW Bodywand Couples Collection. These gift sets are perfect for the couple that wants to explore their sensual side.

Website:  |  (844) 833-8430


Premium Anal Play Products For All Couples

b-Vibe™ is a premium, body-safe collection of healthy anal sex products founded by Certified Sex Expert, Alicia Sinclair.   b-Vibe™’s high-end design is combined with engaging branding and marketing, which is focused on conveying sex positive education with a fun, friendly approach. We stand behind our products with easy to understand, hassle-free warranties.

SHE visitors can expect to meet with Certified Sex Educators to learn all about how to have safe and pleasurable anal play.  We’ll have our award-winning, innovative Rimming Plug on displays and a sneak peek at our upcoming releases.

Website:  |  Sales email address:  |  Phone Number: +1 917-745-3470

Caution Wear Corp. was incorporated in 2004 in State of New Hampshire. The company’s core business is manufacturing and marketing of high quality male latex condoms. Caution Wear brands include:
CautionWear™Iron Grip™PPE™ and our newest line L.A.Confidential™ (Love Accessory Confidential).

When you think SEX, think CautionWear™ Condom!

Website: , email: , phone: (603) 598-8500


Chakrubs are pleasure products made with 100% natural crystals. They are completely body-safe, easy to clean, can be cooled or warmed up, and have metaphysical properties. Chakrubs was founded in 2011 when creator Vanessa Cuccia discovered there were no sex toys on the market made of organic crystals directly from the earth. Now the market leader, Chakrubs continues to innovate various styles and provide customers with a luxurious toy option infused with love.

Those who visit the Chakrubs booth get to see the full line of products. You will also be able to receive a FREE consultation with the Chakrubs creator, Vanessa Cuccia, and learn about how creating an intentional practice can deepen intimacy with yourself and your partner.

Website:  |  |  516.217-6808


Chamin Ajjan Psychotherapy LCSW, PLLC is an outpatient psychotherapy practice dedicated to providing quality care and services to our clients. Their mission is to provide evidence-based treatment proven to bring about a successful outcome. It is their belief that psychotherapy is for everyone. That is why they are devoted to providing a competitive sliding scale rate for clients with low to moderate incomes that are in need of treatment.

They believe the client is an expert on who they are. Together, with their training and knowledge of human behavior and psychology, they work to build a genuine therapeutic relationship with their clients to achieve their goals. By offering caring, compassionate and thoughtfully planned assistance of sufficient depth and length, they can work in harmony to achieve balance, solve problems and build needed skills.



The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health is a sexuality education and training organization that works to reduce sexual shame, challenge misinformation, & advance the field of sexuality. How do they do this? They provide professional trainings, educational initiatives, and community events. Put simply, they work to educate people and spark dialogue, especially around topics that may be very difficult, in service of creating a more sexually literate society and promoting sexual health and wellness.



With years of experience manufacturing and selling antimicrobial copper to the country’s leading hospitals, we suddenly had an epiphany: “If this bacteria inhibiting technology is safe enough to protect patients in an Intensive Care Unit, why aren’t we using this same technology to safeguard people in their everyday sexual life?” Designed with you and your partner in mind, Cu IN BED products, unlike any other available today, are composed of a 100% unique copper alloy, whose intrinsic antimicrobial properties, continually work to inhibit the growth of bacterium, killing bacteria that comes in contact, even when the massager is not in use.

Cu IN BED’s personal massagers are the first and only instruments composed of EPA registered bactericidal copper alloy, while Cu IN BED’s storage bags are the first and only bactericidal copper filament lined storage bags. Both work to defend you, and your loved ones, from catching, or transferring, harmful infection causing bacteria. Finally, hospital grade safety delivered right to everyone’s personal location of euphoria! Every massager is made in the United States, from recycled copper, and is 100% recyclable.



Dame Products was founded by smart women with the purpose of making phenomenal sex toys. Our continuing mission: to design well-engineered sex toys, to heighten intimacy, and to openly empower the sexual experiences of womankind.

Meet the staff and founders of Dame Products. Our toy Eva is a hands-free, distraction-free vibrator designed to provide women the clitoral stimulation they want during penetrative sex. Stop by to learn more, sign up to be a beta tester, or just to say Hi!


Doc Johnson was founded in 1976 when founder Ron Braverman purchased a company that sold adult toys along with gag novelties and rubber fishing items. Since then, the Doc Johnson brand has grown and evolved, but one theme that has remained constant is its commitment to American manufacturing. Doc Johnson manufactures its products in the U.S. America, with the goal of offering the most high-quality, innovative, and body friendly products on the market. As many companies continue to take their production overseas, Doc Johnson offers premium, hand-crafted products that are Made in America.



The Flex Company was founded with a mission to provide better products and information to women to help them feel more comfortable and thrive. Many of the physical discomforts and inconveniences that we associate with our period are caused by products that fall short of our health and hygiene needs. As a female-founded and led company, they firmly believe that every woman should be able to choose what’s best for her own body. And that they deserve to have better options.

Superior products and education can help women feel more comfortable during their period, so that it can become a part of ourselves that we celebrate rather than fear, dread or eliminate. The Flex Company’s success is measured by the conversations started, the self-love being had, and the depth of our customer satisfaction.


Getting in the Mood is a woman-owned business founded to address the needs of the everyday woman who struggles to make sex a priority. Dedicated to helping women feel confident, comfortable and sexy in the bedroom, they offer a one-stop-shop resource center where she can find valuable resources, a support system, and a unique line of discreet and innovative products designed by women for women.

Meet the founder of Getting in the Mood and inventor of Passion Primer, the first personal massager designed for women who struggle with the act of self-pleasuring.  Watch her story here.




HiPleasuresWeb Banner

HiPleasures is an adult sexual wellness and health company that creates high quality, all natural products geared towards men, women and couples looking to make their sex lives more enjoyable and venture out within their sexual boundaries.

CEO Brittani Feinberg and NY Wellness Warrior Natalia Maldonado will be at the booth educating the public on sexual and overall wellness. Both blister packs and 30-day bottles of Sugar Cum will be for sale. Discounts for future website purchases, as well as Natalia’s services, will also be available.

For further information on HiPleasures and/or Sugar Cum, contact the CEO through the website at, via email at, or call 561-749-9447.


Hot Flowers’ mission is to help its customers to be more happy and excited in their sexual life.  We provide products to be used as a complement to get fun and pleasure, and to be more involved with their partner. The Hot Flowers’ products will take you to a new and unexpected level of pleasure.

At SHE, Hot Flowers will display Hot Balls and Imperiass and its various models, that will bring you an unforgettable experience. Pleasure Drop Oil for clitoral stimulation, Hot & Hard Gel for men who wants to achieve the second round, and more fantastic products for your pleasure.

Company website: | Sales email address: | Phone number: (888) 556-0341


STD testing at your convenience with 24 hour results, from the same lab that keeps Porn starts safe. Test for HIV, HCV, HBV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis confidentially. Just sign up and visit one of our 300+ locations throughout the United States.



Your journey to intimacy starts here.
At IMTOY, our unique, user-centric approach to design, allows us to combine gorgeous products with cutting-edge technology to create some of the smartest pleasure objects on the market today. IMTOY is committed to creating smart, innovative items for men and women that are safe and fun to use!
Statement about what visitors can expect at your show display – IMTOY focuses on creating the safest, smartest items for your health and well-being. As technology evolves, our app- and product design does too, so we keep bringing you the latest in our industry, every single time. Come see our smart kegel exercising device and our line of app-controlled vibrators!

Company website: | sales email address: | phone number: 562.372.1861


We are an adult entertainment and novelty shop that makes our client’s intimate business risque’ business. Our talented experts offer pointers, tools and accessories that will help maximize your sexual health and wellness experience. We’re unique because we bring you sexual couture. Contact us and let’s add a lil spice in your life.


Since launching in 2004, Jimmyjane has redefined the context and perception of sexual well-being. Combining sophisticated product development in San Francisco with proprietary technology, their collection encourages connection and excitement without compromising style, well-being or personal values.

Jimmyjane believes that sexuality is as intricate and individual as a fingerprint. Rather than dictate what is sexy, they imbue each product with possibility, leaving room for exploration and interpretation. With their diverse lines – ranging from decadent massage candles and natural massage lotions to their award-winning vibrating massagers and iconic 24k gold vibrator – they engage each person’s unique desires.


JO Sex with Emily Web Banner 750x300px FINAL_Tagline w- product

System JO is a pharmaceutical manufacturer that stands for quality and selection. We offer the perfect fit for each individual’s unique needs or desires. We focus on 6 categories: Lubricants, Stimulants, Body, Supplements, Hygiene, and Massage. We stand behind each product with a satisfaction guarantee to support risk free shopping.

As a leading lubricant manufacturer, we have a lot to share about our brand. We have many new formulas that are paraben & glycerin free including our USDA Certified Organic Lubricant, along with a brand new flavored line to explore your sweet, seductive side.

Sometimes thinking “inside the box” can be revolutionary! Passionate Playground is a female founded company dedicated to innovating body safe products for passionate people. Our first products Joyboxx + Playtray  = the only patent pending, hygienic, antimicrobial, lockable, storage system that protects toys, people and furniture before, during and after sexual play. Nominated for 5 industry awards including SHE Best Sexual Health Product!

A world’s first, Build-a-Boxx with Joyboxx! Select your Joyboxx colors and then fill it with premier products.  Enter to win a fully stuffed Joyboxx and take a #Joyface selfie with Joyboxx inventor Deborah Semer and our Joy-Boy!

Website:  |  Video  |  Video  |  Video


Kama Sutra is dedicated to the well being both of body and spirit. The luxurious formulas are not just for lovemaking, they are designed with the health and the beauty of the skin in mind, and to heighten sensual awareness both in and beyond the bedroom. Elegant textures and irresistible scents are the hallmarks of the Kama Sutra products. Kissable flavors make love sweet indeed.

The future is bright for The Kama Sutra Company. The company continues to refine its products and introduce new ones, and to expand its retail presence across numerous channels. While Kama Sutra started in the specialty shops of the 60s and 70’s and evolved into the “adult” world in the 80’s and 90’s, the brand is now sold internationally in over 50 countries, both in mainstream venues including U.S. military commissaries and major U.S. drug chains, and in adult venues.





Nasstoys sells over 1000 items in 12 product categories made from a variety of amazing materials through their network of wholesale distributors internationally. Their toys are creatively packaged for retail sale in both risqué XXX adult and mainstream adult markets. They feature hundreds of top selling adult toys and carry waterproof items for fun in the hot tub or for secret personal use in the privacy of your bathtub.

They have quiet toys, LIGHT UP TOYS, toys especially for men and toys especially for women. Love kits for couples, blow-up dolls for bachelor parties, remote controlled and hi-tech multi function toys for the sexy techie. Their top selling creams, gels and lotions are a definite must to help enhance and prolong your pleasure.



Living a healthy lifestyle has become more difficult than it should be. False claims, conflicting information and weak regulations dominate the natural supplement industry, making it hard for you to make truly informed choices about your health and well-being. Next Gen Health Solutions, LLC. is committed to removing the guesswork by offering only all natural products that have been clinically proven to work. Next Gen Health Solutions, LLC. applies cutting edge science to create safe, superior alternatives to prescription drugs and unproven over-the-counter supplements. Their commitment to you is that their products do what they say they do and that they have proven it through the highest standards of independent testing.


Form follows function in OVO’s sleek designs, but beauty is not sacrificed in these lifestyle toys for everyone. Made of silicone and designed and engineered in Germany, all of the products are backed by a 15-year warranty. The packaging is as simply elegant as the products themselves, and the materials used are body safe and phthalate-free.

Show attendees can see the best sellers from OVO, and see what makes these products so cool. Attendees will also be able to play with the remote controlled toys.


In Germany, 1992, a silicone formulation with extraordinary lubricating properties was discovered by Pjur Group. Pjur started producing body care products in 1995. And in 1996, lead by Richie Harris, Pjur Group USA was founded. Since, the Pjur brand is in 57 countries worldwide and is associated with quality, pleasure, and enjoyment.

Pjur will be presenting HER Formulas; lubricants developed to enhance her natural moisture. Because, for the most part, personal lubricants for women reside on the inside of the body, WOMAN lubricants have a slightly different concentration of ingredients to present a softer feel that enhances her natural lubrication.

Website:  |  Email:  |  877-628-7100


Pure Romance is the world’s premiere in home party company for intimacy products. Our mission has always been to Empower, Educate and Entertain. To give women a safe environment to learn about their sexual health and well-being while helping strengthen their romantic relationships. It’s these experiences that have made Pure Romance not just a company, but a movement to enhance the lives of women everywhere.

A first hand experience of all Pure Romance has to offer. Through our at home party bookings, the ‘decadent dozen’ best selling items available to take home, MYSTERY BAGS filled with sensual goodness, and our ability to own your own part of the Pure Romance fantasy job – we have it all!

Website:  |  |  (917) 558-0522

The Rabbit Company was built around one goal – offer a concise collection of the best rabbit vibrators on the market. The Rabbit Company is unlike any other manufacturer in the market today. Our products truly speak for themselves. Each model boasts outstanding quality, complete reliability, beautiful designs and the power to deliver the ultimate orgasm.

Show attendees can see the best sellers from The Rabbit Company, like the Classic Rabbit, Lay-on Rabbit, Pink Ribbon Rabbit, and new items like the Rabbit Wand and Realistic Rabbit.



The Satisfyer Pro 2 truly is the most amazing toy in the world and a pioneer in revolutionizing the sexual mind of women. Our waterproof and hygienic technology provides a touch-free stimulation through tingling pulsation and pressure waves.  A modern lifestyle product that fascinates every woman.

Visit Satisfyer at SHE and learn what the Satisfyer Pro 2 is all about and also, what other innovations and surprises you can expect from the Satisfier brand in the near future.

For more information visit or contact Jerome Bensimon, Vice President of Sales,

A sneak peek is available at

Sexpertise was founded in Manhattan by sexologists, Lisa Hochberger, M.Ed. and Rachel Hoffman, LMSW. Their mission is to educate about sexuality in a revolutionary way. Sexpertise uses Skype as an avenue to offer sexual wellness workshops. They partner with exercise studios and other businesses to educate about healthy sexuality practices.

Meet our formally trained sexologists, who have extensive education in the field of human sexuality. Learn more about our holistic online classes created for couples and individuals who are looking to increase their sexual well-being. We also offer customized in-person workshops.

Website:  | email:  | phone: 516.639.2072


Sir Richard’s was founded in 2009 by a group of globally minded entrepreneurs who wanted to merge their shared interest in good loving with their love of doing good. They created a premium condom that shook up a staid industry devoid of innovation. Designed with sexual wellness and reproductive health in mind, they chose to make Sir Richard’s condoms of all-natural latex. They also left out a range of seriously unsexy chemicals, common ingredients in the leading brands’ products. And for every condom people purchased, the founders committed to donating a condom to communities in need.

The company was founded on the principle that the power of business can help bring health and pleasure to the global community, and its “Buy One, Give One” social responsibility program supports that mission. The company also is a proud partner of (RED). We crowdsource donation ideas from our customers, so Nominate an Organization to receive a condom donation today.



The Sola Collection is designed for the everyday modern woman who is looking for a high end, chic and elegant product that not only meets their needs for expressing sexual wellbeing but also exploring new depths of relaxation. At Sola, engineering only the most exceptional products for our consumers is of the utmost importance.



Our patent-pending SubSafe® magnetic nipple clamps provide all of the pain and pleasure of piercings without the permanent effects. Each set of SubSafe®clamps is custom hand crafted to your specifications, enhanced with Swarovski crystals or precious stones for weight as well as decoration, or with connecting chains.

Every design you see on my website was once just a product of imagination. If you can dream it, I can make it. It would be my pleasure to enhance YOUR pleasure. Tell me how to make you happy. Then please post pictures of you enjoying my creations.




Since its introduction in 1987 the iconic Sybian is still the most sophisticated sexual aid available on the market today. Sybian’s unrivaled powerful design, variety of attachments, individual user-controlled vibration and rotation speeds, along with the ability to be mounted surpass the features of any other device on the market.

See the Sybian at SHE along with a wide range of attachments, now including new silicone attachments the G-Wave and Orb made of 100% medical grade silicone. Sybian is available in six colors: Black, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue and Earth. For more information visit

Follow Sybian through social media on twitter @Sybian, on Facebook and now on Instagram @officialsybian




Unbound is a sexual lifestyle company for women. We curate the world’s best lingerie, vibes, accessories, and content. We’re #bodypositive and feel that all women are entitled to feel great about their bodies and themselves. We also donate 6.9% of all profits to supporting women’s sexual health and wellness.

We will be debuting our own collection of sexual lifestyle accessories that take a fashion forward approach to the traditional. Come stop by our booth to see the full unveiling!

Website: | Sales Email Address:




vibratorscombanner is run by PriveCo, the world’s most private company. We operate a 15,000 square foot warehouse in Troy, a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Everything we do is done in our warehouse — packing, shipping, billing, photography, video and customer service. We do everything in house to keep your order as secure as possible.

PriveCo is a small business that got its start in 1998. Throughout the years, we’ve grown tremendously, thanks in part to our private and efficient ordering process and our excellent customer service. is just one of the handful of sites we run, one that we’re exceptionally proud of. We realize that customers want to buy sex toys in the most private environment possible, and we are happy to offer that environment.




696e5caaa5a2cd4c9617641a61ac62c7Happy 4th of July weekend, everybody!

How time flies… It seems like just yesterday, I was advising you on how to sex up the most popular couples’ holiday of the year (thank god Valentine’s Day has passed, am I right?)

Now we have reached another important landmark, but this one has an entirely new twist. Because instead of lighting off bottle rockets at BBQ’s to commemorate yet another couple-heavy holiday, we are instead celebrating the anniversary of a historical UNcoupling. Continue Reading

best-orgasms-casual-or-committed-relationshipDear Emily,

About 5 years ago, I had a casual sex relationship with a man and it was the best sex I’ve ever had. We went on a few dates, but there was no intellectual connection. Fast forward to now: I broke up with my boyfriend about a month and a half ago and recently texted my old booty-call asking if he is single. Now, I know we don’t have a connection, we will never have a relationship and we’ve both said we’re over the casual sex thing. However, I haven’t been physically satisfied for over five years with anyone except for him.

So my question is: what are the rules here? Will I be using him if I just want sex? I know he probably wouldn’t have a problem with it, but if we are both trying to find something “real”, is this all a waste of time?

Much Love,
Mixed Up in the Midwest Continue Reading

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